Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sinful Colors, Sally Hansen, and Sally Beauty Supply!

Wooo. So i bought some sinful colors Anti-Bite & Nail Growth polish, along with a Quick Dry top coat!! Let me tell you...when i go to bite my nails the taste is so bitter strong I take my fingers out asap! OMG i loveee it! Im a terrible nail biter!!

The quick dry top coat works great also!! I deffinetly reccommend picking these up!!

I also have the Sally Hansen Continuous treatment in Strength. This stuff rocks!! After I took off my artificial nails I got this stuff and it is just awesome!! Its like a gel! Its a little pricey (about 9 bucks) but its sooo worth it!!!!

ALSO! Today i went into sallys beauty supply for some eye liner i got this real cool Femme Couture gel liner in black its awesome! shows up like a sharpie line!! incredible staying power too!! With the liner brush its about $11 total. so 5 each and change.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hair & Nail Vitamins??

Hello everyone!
my second post wooo! haha im new at this...look at my layout you can tell i have no idea how to work this thing haha.
For starters ill tell you who i am.
Im a 19 year old cosmetology student soon to graduate! Exciting i know! haha.
I want to let everyone in on the secrets to beauty!! things i wish i would have learned a loooong time ago.
Anything you want to know? Questions? A product your unsure of?? ASK ME!! Anything you need to know ask away! ill let you in on the secrets! if i dont know them...ill find out :)

This post is about the hair and nail vitamins i just purchased!! wooo!! claiming to help your hair and nails grow stronger!! We all want that dont we??

I bought the "Longer Stronger Hair & Nails" vitamins at Walgreens. 2 pills daily and they claim to have all the benefits your hair and nails need.
Ill let you in on how they are working for me weekly...if they do actually work! I sure hope so!
From all this boredom at school i color and get artificial nails like crazy!! I fried my hair pretty bad and had to cut it all off!! Now i have pretty short i do really hope they work.

ill let you know every week how my nubs are doing!!! :)

Monday, August 23, 2010

china glaze post

one of my favorite nail polishes! CHINA GLAZE! i own many china glaze polishes. what shades are your favorite?

I wear towel boy toy ALOT! For my birthday our theme was blue :) this polish set my outfit! it matched perfectly and didn't chip all night long! love this shade!

   towel boy toy